Who holds what status when it comes to citizenship matters to everyone.

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Graham Hudson, professor, Criminology, Ryerson University

Dr. Graham Hudson is an Associate Professor and the Undergraduate Program Director for the Department of Criminology at Ryerson University. He one of the lead researchers on a major grant investigating the intersection of security, irregular migration and asylum and part of a research team that recently released a report documenting the ways Toronto is not living up to its commitments as a “sanctuary city.” Graham is the winner of a Ryerson interdisciplinary teaching award and a member in good standing of the country/folk/rock band Kitchen City Orphans.

Melita Kuburas, assoc. managing editor, Metro Newspapers


Melita Kuburas, a graduate of Ryerson’s School of Journalism (Class of 2006), is now an assistant managing editor, Entertainment and Lifestyle, Metro Newspapers. When she came to Canada as nine-year-old back in 1993, however, Melita was a refugee. “Welcoming refugees is very generous of Canada, and of Canadians,” she has written, “but I can assure you: refugees are not freeloading.”

Read the Toronto Star’s 1993 coverage of Melita’s arrival in Canada with her family.