How to spot fake news

From doctored photos to falsified news websites, how can you tell what’s real and what’s fake on the Internet? Watch this two-minute video by the Washington Post for tips.

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Journalism can’t afford for corrections to be next victim of “fake news” frenzy

This Poynter article explains how media errors – like fake news – can have a “very real negative impact,” and why readers today are more likely to assume newsroom mistakes are deliberate attempts to deceive news audiences.

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Wielding claims of ‘fake news,’ Conservatives take aim at mainstream media

“Fake news” began as a reference to fabricated news stories created with the intent to deceive readers. The New York Times explains how those on the right are now applying the term to mainstream news organizations they disagree with, thus diluting the phrase and damaging the public’s trust in journalism.

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Correcting the record on refugee crossings

Journalists can endanger refugees and newcomers to Canada through reckless reporting, misinformation and stereotypes. This Canadaland article refutes three falsehoods espoused by a pundit in a previous Canadaland story.

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This is how your hyperpartisan political news gets made

BuzzFeed News details how they traced multiple “aggressively partisan” liberal and conservative websites back to the same company.

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How technology disrupted the truth

Social media has swallowed the news, threatened funding of public interest reporting and ushered an era in which everyone espouses their own “facts.” The consequences of this go beyond journalism, explains this article for The Guardian.

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Breitbart-led right-wing media ecosystem altered broader media agenda

The Columbia Journalism Review reveals its new study on how a one hyper-partisan media network has led to increased polarization of right-wing media.

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