Note from Janice Neil, chair of the Ryerson School of Journalism


Dear journalism students:

For probably the first time ever, the School of Journalism is asking ALL of its students to attend a special day-long event,   “Making Sense When the World Doesn’t” on Tuesday, March 14.

What doesn’t make sense? The way journalism and journalists have been demeaned and attacked; the threats to our values of multiculturalism, equality and mutual respect; the many situations where falsehoods are presented as facts.

We’re calling this a Teach-In, a chance to talk about our aspirations and our fears, to defend what we do, who we are and what we believe, and to learn what else we could be doing for each other. You’ll hear from guest journalists and experts, as well as some of our own faculty, starting at 10 a.m. and continuing through the entire day (Tuesday March 14) in the Venn and elsewhere in the school.

If you normally have a journalism class on Tuesday, this is your alternative class.

Everyone is welcome. You can stay for the day or pick and choose what to attend.

We look forward to sharing the day with you,